After a ceremony, there is time for guests to offer the bereaved their condolences. This is also the moment to recollect memories, chat, cry and even laugh. The deceased is remembered in a way that suits them.

There are various rooms available for a reception, each with its own character. By joining certain rooms together, we can also cater for larger groups. The post-ceremony reception areas are adjacent to the entrance of the memorial park. Umbrellas are of course provided for inclement weather and transport is easily organised for those with walking difficulties. Our staff would be delighted to discuss the options with you.

And Westerveld's kitchens produce great coffee, tea, biscuits and cakes. But we also serve delicious wine and beer with savoury bites, all in accordance with your specific wishes. Rolls, bonbons, soup, sushi – at Westerveld almost anything is possible. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our staff members to discuss the huge range of options.

Click here for our catering brochure (in Dutch).

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