A fitting and memorable funeral is important. And with its huge range of options, Westerveld helps you realise this. This section of the website provides you with further information on funeral ceremonies and cremation.

The crematorium has two auditoriums where you can put together a ceremony entirely in accordance with your own wishes. There are many options for dealing with the ashes of your loved one, both at Westerveld and elsewhere – burial, placement in an urn wall, incorporation into jewellery or piece of art, or scattering. Options for scattering ashes are described in detail elsewhere on this website.

Our staff would be delighted to help and advise you in putting together a funeral. They are happy to explain to you how a ceremony runs, and help you find your way in the many aspects of a cremation and everything that goes with it. The reception of guests, for instance, or what happens with the coffin, the ceremony itself, the music you want to hear, and the reception after the funeral.

Click here for our general brochure with information about cremation.

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