Directly after the ceremony in one of the auditoriums, the coffin is taken to the actual crematory. Before the coffin is finally fed into the oven, a few practical matters must be taken care of, such as placing a fireproof brick on the coffin for identification purposes.

During the cremation, which takes about an hour and a quarter, the oven reaches a temperature of about nine hundred degrees Celsius. Once the cremation process is complete, the ash is removed from the oven. In a number of cases precious metals remain. These are collected and sold, with the proceeds being donated to a good cause. This is coordinated at a national level by the Dr. C.J. Vaillant Fund.

The law stipulates that the ashes of the deceased be stored at the crematorium for one month after cremation. Only then may ashes be released. At that point, the family or next of kin receive a form so they can indicate what is to be done with the ashes. Read here about all the different options for dealing with the ashes.

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