Only when you are aware of all the possible options are you able to make the right informed decision. And that's the purpose behind this website and the various brochures we publish.

The general brochure discusses in detail the options for burial and cremation ceremonies available at Westerveld. From a choice of music to memorials, and from receptions to scattering of ashes.
Owing to the many options for placing ashes, this subject requires a separate brochure that describes scattering, urn graves, columbaria, urns, ash jewellery, etc.

For receptions after the ceremony, there are many more options than just coffee and rolls. Read more in this brochure.

Westerveld also offers a form to declare your 'Last Wishes' for your funeral.

The Cremation or Burial? leaflet briefly describes the differences.

Walking at Westerveld? There is a map that guides you along many special monuments. And this folder, with a map of the information panels, tells Westerveld's unique story.

All brochures and leaflets are in Dutch.


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