The largest auditorium, the Dudokzaal, was built in 1936 by architect Dudok. This room can seat about 170 people. Music can be played live (an organ and a piano are present) in the auditorium or pre-recorded and ceremonies can also be recorded.

The room is hired for forty-minute slots, but this is easily extended if you wish. We like to hear your wishes in advance and are keen to advise you on the content of the ceremony and the options.

After the service
Unlike in a burial, the coffin stays in the auditorium for a cremation . However, the coffin can be ‘lowered’ at the end of a ceremony to the cremation furnace below. But you could also leave it in place so those present can bid a last fond farewell.

On the day of the ceremony and the cremation, we aim for our service to be as efficient as possible, which is why we are so keen that you inform us of your wishes and plans in detail. That might relate to speakers, to music or to the catering afterwards.


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