At the foot of the Kennemer Dune in Driehuis, lies Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium. Funerals and cremations are our business. Our professional, sensitive, discreet and expert staff are there for you. We share your grief, listen to your wishes, take practical worries off your hands and give advice when you need it.

Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium is not just a last resting place. It is also one of the first privately owned cemeteries in the Netherlands, and was the country's first crematorium. The cemetery is a landscaped park in the English style – organic, hilly and with lush vegetation. All the space you need to remember your loved ones. The former country estate, which is more than 31 hectares in size and includes many monuments, has a very particular character. Westerveld is a memorial park.

The crematorium was built in 1913, and like the cemetery is a national monument. It was designed by famous architects, as were some of the columbaria. As a monument, Westerveld attracts visitors from across the country. But TV programme and filmmakers also sense the unique, un-Dutch character of Westerveld, with the cemetery or crematorium providing the backdrop for many films, TV series or educational programmes.

The history of Westerveld is inextricably linked to the history of burial and cremation in the Netherlands. But Westerveld's many graves, tombstones, urns and urn monuments, and of course its mausoleums, are also testament to the development of funerary and monument culture.

The website gives you information not only on the history of Westerveld, but also on today's Westerveld. A cemetery and crematorium of contemporary significance, with enormous potential and a beauty all of its own.

Want to know more about our services? Then give us a call on +31 (0)255 514 843 or mail us at info@bc-westerveld.nl. We look forward to helping you.

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