Westerveld offers various types of graves in the beautiful memorial park. Unusually – uniquely even – the memorial park provides the option of buying a grave lot for an indefinite period, but rented graves and public graves are also available.

Public grave
Three unrelated people will be buried in a public grave. It is not possible to choose your own spot with a public grave. The grave can be rented for ten years, but that cannot be extended. A small name tile may be placed on the grave.

Grave for private rental or purchase
For a private grave you may choose your own spot in the extensive memorial park. There is such great diversity that you will always find a spot that appeals to you. And you may erect a gravestone that reflects your wishes.

Westerveld offers the possibility of renting a grave privately. In a rented grave, two further deceased persons may be laid to rest at a later date. And the agreed period – from twenty years – can always be extended.

Contrary to most other cemeteries, at Westerveld it is also possible to buy a private grave for an indefinite period (in perpetuity).

With its natural rolling landscape, Westerveld offers the rare option of building a mausoleum. A mausoleum is a surface tomb, sometimes half built into a dune. Westerveld has around forty mausoleums, with both monumental and modern designs. A mausoleum may contain both coffins and ash containers. For further information, please make an appointment. We would be happy to give you a tour and discuss the possibilities.

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