No present without the past. Westerveld Cemetery was founded in 1888. It was designed by well-known landscape gardener L. Zocher. A few well-heeled Amsterdam residents bought the former ‘country estate’ to found a cemetery where they and their family members could rest in eternal peace. On 1 May, 1890, Westerveld was officially opened.

In 1874 the Association for the Introduction of Cremation in the Netherlands (Vereeniging tot invoering der Lijkenverbranding in Nederland) was founded with the aim of promoting cremation in the Netherlands. In 1912, the Association – currently known as Royal Dutch Facultatieve – built a crematorium at Westerveld, the first in the Netherlands. Designed by architect Marius Poel, the crematorium opened in 1913. The first cremation took place on 1 April, 1914. This was the cremation of Dr C.J. Vaillant, family doctor from Schiedam and former board member of ‘the Facultatieve’.

Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium is a memorial park with an impressive history and monumental character, but with modern services that are perfectly attuned to your wishes. In short, a cemetery and crematorium with a warm heart and a tale to tell.

If you want to find out more about the history of Westerveld, then the book ‘Westerveld, 125 years a cemetery, 100 years a crematorium’ is highly recommended. This richly illustrated reference work – published in 2013 on the occasion of Westerveld's two-fold anniversary celebration – recounts all the facets of its history. Order the book by clicking here.

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Begraafplaats & Crematorium Westerveld maakt deel uit van 'de Facultatieve Groep'