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Westerveld has a unique and monumental image and is charmingly located among the dunes. No surprise then that the Westerveld site and its buildings have often been used over the years as a location for television and film recordings. Numerous TV producers and filmmakers choose Westerveld as the location for their productions, series, documentaries and feature films.

Naturally, Westerveld is evident in old newsreel, such as with the funeral of the great architect H.P. Berlage, or of Aletta Jacobs, the first woman to graduate as doctor in the Netherlands and champion of women's rights. But the real première for Westerveld was in 1970. The then popular television series ‘De Kleine Waarheid’ [The Little Truth], featuring Willeke Alberti – who subsequently went on to become a national celebrity – was partly recorded here. In later years, Westerveld served as backdrop location for series such as Coverstory and Unit 13, various (semi-)educational documentaries and programmes like ‘Heb ik dat’ [popular Dutch TV series over the practicalities of living with illness and disability]. Various funeral scenes were also recorded at Westerveld for the successful crime series Penoza.

Below is a list of the programmes, series and films for which Westerveld served as 'location':

Overspel (tv-series)
Noord /Zuid (tv-series)
Allerzielen (memorial service)
Bloedverwanten (tv-series)
Penoza seasons 1, 2 and 3 (tv-series)
Penoza season 4 (tv-series)
Ode aan de Doden (memorial service)
Bon Voyage (tv-film)
Alle tijd (film)
Onze Schatten (youth series)
Annie M.G. (tv-series)
Escort (film)
Daisy (film)
Dood en dan? (educational film)
Wet en Waan (tv-series)
Fogbound (film)
Unit 13 (tv-series)
Achter gesloten deuren (documentary)
De kleine waarheid (tv-series)


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