Music plays a prominent role at many ceremonies. The deceased is honoured with fitting music or their personal favourites. ‘Only music can talk about the dead’, a saying by French writer André Malraux, is all too true.

Westerveld has a modern music studio and a very extensive collection of music, including religious music, classical, jazz, choral and of course (Dutch-language) pop music. Fragments of all these pieces are available online in our music book.

If you wish, you can make an appointment in advance with our professional music advisers. You can discuss with them the options for supplying and playing your own music. But they are also happy to advise you on choosing some fitting music.

Listening again later
Sound recordings can be made of a funerary ceremony. These can then be played back later.

To tailor our service to your needs as much as possible, and prepare the ceremony properly, it is important that we receive the music a day in advance.

To ensure the right music is played and the correct images shown, we have put a number of guidelines and instructions on paper. Click here to download them (n Dutch).

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