Burial with flowers goes back at least four thousand years, to the Egyptian pharaohs. So placing flowers by the deceased is nothing new. Many graves at Westerveld are adorned with (flowering) plants to remember or honour the deceased.

At Westerveld we aim to select plants that reflect the legacy of landscape gardener L.P. Zocher, who designed Westerveld park. Zocher allowed room for nature and the seasons to do their work, coordinating not only the colours, but also the shades of green.

Today you may choose between permanent planting, seasonal plants or a combination of the two. Next of kin may provide plants or (partially) leave this to our professional gardeners.

The Westerveld staff ensure the daily maintenance of the park. You pay an annual fee for this maintenance, supplementary to the cost of renting or purchasing a grave.

Annual costs are also charged for maintaining memorials on the graves (annual cleaning if necessary, retouching letters and signs).

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