Remembrance monuments

Personal graves
Funerals are increasingly being  put together to reflect the wishes of the deceased. It's only logical then that a gravestone or monument should suit the life and character of that person. In that sense, the monument takes on a unique value as a memorial.

The staff at Info & Aftercare will gladly tell you all about the options and advise you where necessary. How big should the monument be? Which materials are available and – not unimportantly – fitting? What styles are there and which materials best suit a given style? Stone, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, wood, or a combination? We have examples of all possible choices, either in the exhibition area or in the memorial park itself.

Many different monuments are permitted at Westerveld, but there are restrictions. This is due to the (national) monumental status of parts of Westerveld. That status results in conditions (in Dutch) for dimensions, material selection and even maintenance. This ensures certain ambiances are preserved. Here is the request form for placing a memorial. Our staff would be happy to provide you with further information, perhaps during a tour through the memorial park. 

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