There are many different ways to scatter ashes. Regardless of how and where the ashes are scattered, it is always possible to place a nameplate at memorial spots in Westerveld. The bereaved then at least have a specific spot they can return to. You can scatter either all the ash or just some of it, keeping the rest in a decorative urn at home or in commemorative jewellery. We would be delighted to discuss the other options with you.

Scattering ashes in the memorial park
The park has three wonderful areas where ashes can be scattered. Next of kin may attend the scattering. The ashes may be scattered by a Westerveld staff member, or you may do it yourself if you prefer.

Scattering at sea by ship
A scattering at sea can also be performed by one of our staff. A blessing, an ‘in memoriam’, or a prayer or religious text can be performed before or during the scattering ritual. A 'farewell bouquet' is possible, too. If next of kin wish to be present during the scattering ritual, then a boat is hired.

Scattering at sea by aircraft
It is also possible to scatter the ashes on the sea from an aircraft. This limits the next of kin who can be present to just two persons. In this case, a private flight is organized with a specially hired aircraft.

If next of kin are still unsure as to the preferred last resting place of the ashes, or are struggling to make a decision, then we will store the ashes for up to six months in one of our columbaria. The columbarium concerned, which may of course be visited, will be chosen by us.

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