There are various possibilities for finding a fitting resting place for the ashes at Westerveld. There are a number of urn gardens in the park. Alongside the paths, urns have been placed both freely and in urn graves. Uniformity in urns gives the garden a peaceful and dignified feel. There are separate gardens for more modern and unusual urns.

The ashes can also be placed in an urn grave. Such graves provide room for four to six ash containers and are covered with a tombstone or a monument.

Both urns and urn graves can be rented, both for fixed periods and indefinitely (in perpetuity). It is always possible to extend the rental period. Urn graves may also be dispersed between the ‘ordinary’ graves. Ash containers may be placed in or on these graves, but the ashes may also be placed or scattered in or on a grave in which someone is buried.

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