Viewing the deceased

Westerveld has a modern, sensitively decorated visiting room. Families and the other next of kin can pay their last respects here under the supervision of a member of staff. Visiting times are agreed in consultation with us. 

Villa Westerveld
Also at Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium lies monumental Villa Westerveld which was built originally in 1866. This is the oldest villa in the Velsen municipality and, on the ground floor, has two intimate, sensitively decorated mourning and viewing rooms: the Mimosa suite and the smaller Lavendel suite.

Families and next of kin can pay their last respects to the deceased here in their own special way and at their own tempo. A wake is possible or a reception with a small group of people.

Coffees, teas and soft drinks are all available.

The rooms in the Villa have their own entrances and you can access them exclusively throughout the rental period, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a personal electronic key. This means the rooms offer optimum privacy and allow you to spend uninterrupted time with your loved one.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more about the options for these viewing rooms.

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