Walking at Westerveld

With its wonderful setting, unique monuments and almost un-Dutch character, Westerveld is a particular favourite with ramblers, nature lovers and birdwatchers. And for good reason. The colour of the attractive park vary with the seasons, and the original beauty of the 1888 design still shines through in all its glory.
Over the years, rare flowers and plants have made their home at Westerveld, as have many birds. The park is even a recognized avian reserve.

With its naturally rolling landscape, the site offers both surprising panoramas and intimate vistas. And everywhere lie graves, some modest and sober, others of a more monumental character. Some graves are already so old that they are gradually being subsumed by their surroundings. The deceased really do enjoy eternal rest here – literally. Just as the founders of Westerveld intended.

A monumental journey of discovery...
The Westerveld memorial park is home to many monuments. Each with its own story. Monumental, classic and modern. To help you discover these monuments, we have published a unique reference work: Westerveld: a monumental journey of discovery. The book, which includes a map, describes dozens of monuments, including that of writer Multatuli (Eduard Douwes Dekker), women's rights champion Aletta Jacobs, pioneer of flight Anthony Fokker, politician Pim Fortuyn and writer Boudewijn Büch. The map is available separately at the Petit Café. Alternatively download it here.

The story of Westerveld
The memorial park features a special walk. This was put together to celebrate Westerveld's 125 years as a cemetery and 100 years as a crematorium. If you walk this route, you will discover that Westerveld is an open-air museum of nature, art and architecture. Information panels recount the unique story of Westerveld, including the founding in 1888, construction of the first crematorium in 1913, the special mourning train and the unusual architecture. The route of course guides you along several of the many special monuments. You can pick up a special map in the Petit Café. Alternatively download it here.











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